CEO Greg Sam

Graphic: CEO Greg Sam

Message from our CEO

Date published

06 Aug 2021

It has often been said that tough times never last, but tough people do. When COVID-19 emerged some 18 months ago I could never have guessed that it would continue to be a global issue impacting our rural and remote communities today.

While I am always struck by the resilience of the people across our region, it is the generous determination of people like you to support them through tough times, no matter what, that truly inspires me. 

The spirit in which you stand by outback communities also strengthens the resolve of our frontline teams to continue to deliver quality healthcare services to these regions, no matter the obstacle. Over the past few months, with the challenges of the pandemic shadowing all of our efforts, the service has conducted respiratory clinics and commenced the delivery of the vaccination program, ensuring every person in a remote community has the opportunity to receive the vaccine. In addition to these vital, extra services, we have continued to conduct emergency retrievals and primary healthcare clinics without disruption. 

I want to thank our pilots, doctors, flight nurses, primary health staff, and our broader team. And I want to thank you, our supporters, donors, and volunteers. Thank you for making a difference. 

No matter the challenges ahead, we will be there for the people of the bush, ensuring they get the quality healthcare they deserve. And we know that you will be with us, every step of the way, to help make that possible. 

Warm regards, 
Greg Sam 
Chief Executive Officer 
Royal Flying Doctor Service (South Eastern Section)