Men's Health Week

Men's health in the spotlight this June

Date published

16 Jun 2020

Healthcare staff from the Royal Flying Doctor Service South Eastern Section (RFDSSE) are encouraging men in regional Australia to take the time to prioritise their mental and physical health during International Men’s Health Week, which runs from the 15th to the 21st of June 2020.

RFDSSE provides emergency retrieval services, primary care clinics, flying GPs and other health services to some of New South Wales' most remote locations. Dr Randall Greenberg is the Chief Medical Officer for RFDSSE and is dedicated to improving the health of men living in regional Australia.

"Men's Health Week is a reminder for fathers, uncles, nephews, brothers, sons and friends to take control of their health. We want to bring awareness to the importance of looking after your health and encourage men to take stock."

“As blokes, it is known we are often not so great at engaging in health care - particularly preventative healthcare. There is no shame in popping in to see your local doctor for a quick checkup; it's important we look after our health, not only for us but for our families and communities," says Dr Greenberg.

RFDS clinics also provide those living in remote Australia with health screening for bowel and prostate cancer as well as other conditions affecting Aussie men.

“When looking after our health we need to look at it from a holistic approach. It is important that men consider their emotional wellbeing, the support and relationships in their lives, their stress management and their diet and exercise," said Dr Greenberg.

Each RFDS clinic provides an opportunity for residents in remote NSW to access and engage with men’s health services, whether it be a school health check or a public clinic.

“This way people can get early treatment and nip it in the bud before these types of illness seriously impact their wellbeing," Dr Greenberg says.

David Doyle is an Aboriginal Health Practitioner for the RFDS. David facilitates sessions at the Menindee Men's shed, a place where local men can come together and enjoy each other's company.

“It’s easier to talk with men when they’re comfortable and among friends,” he says. “I talk to them about alcohol, their family life, their sense of community, and any mental health issues, it’s a safe place to talk about these things," David says.

The RFDS regularly host a BBQ at the shed to provide a relaxed and friendly environment for medical teams and the local men seeking health advice. David says open discussion about men's health is vital to improving the health outcomes of regional Australians.

“It’s about prevention and proactive intervention by encouraging men in rural Australia to take positive steps to look after themselves and enhance their sense of purpose in their community."


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