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Your support keeps country communities alive

Date published

31 Mar 2021

Your generous support of the Royal Flying Doctor Service means that outback communities can continue to live and work in the bush knowing that if aid is required, help is close at hand.

You will be part of a committed and unique group of like-minded supporters who share an ongoing commitment to bring healthcare to families and communities in the outback. Your caring and compassionate support will provide services to remote and rural areas that would otherwise be unavailable.

It’s an honour to invite you to become a Custodian or Friend of the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

It is thanks to people like you that our team can keep communities living in the outback healthy, through our regular clinics. With your support, we can be by their side when every second counts in an emergency.

I hope you will consider joining us as an extraordinary Custodian or Friend, and help outback communities not only survive, but thrive.