Drought picture

Graphic: Drought picture

“Drought is relentless. At times I feel it won’t end."

Date published

11 Sep 2019

This is the worst drought in over twenty years and it's not ending. It's continuing to hurt families living in remote, rural and regional Australia. They're left feeling powerless.

Now, more than ever, Emma's family and others like them need your help.

Emma lives in Louth - over nine hours drive from Sydney. Emma shared how she often agonises over whether they will be able to afford their bills each month to the drought.

"Without help, I don't know what will happen to me."

In remote Australia, it's easy for families to feel isolated and alone. Their closest neighbours can be hours away. Access to services that families living in metropolitan areas take for granted can almost feel impossible to reach.

This year, one in every five people living in rural Australian communities will be suffering from a mental health disorder.

You can help provide health and wellbeing programs to parents and children to help them navigate the devastating emotional toll of the drought.

Your gift today can help men, women and children at breaking point from the burdens of the drought today.