Date published

15 Apr 2020

While much of the world grinds to a halt, the Royal Flying Doctor Service continues. Throughout this crisis, we are unwavering in our mission to deliver the finest care to the furthest corner.

Outback families still need your help with basic medical assistance as all healthcare services remain on high alert to fight the pandemic. 

The safety of our staff and the communities we serve are our number one priority, and our professional and dedicated team are on the front line, ready to mobilise when needed.

To date, the Flying Doctor across Australia has transported numerous patients for confirmed or suspected COVID-19.

Thanks to the support of people like you, we’ve put into place precautions to ensure we continue to be there for those who need us most over the coming months. Your generosity today will help care for thousands of patients, expand our service, and introduce preventative health services that otherwise would not be available to rural, regional and remote Australians.

If you have questions about what COVID-19 is, what the symptoms are, or how it spreads, you can learn more at the Department of Health website and Health direct Website.

If you have severe difficulty breathing, call 000 immediately, and advise if you think you may have come in contact with COVID-19.