It is a phone call that nobody EVER wants to receive.

It is a phone call that nobody EVER wants to receive.

Date published

27 Nov 2020

"I could hear my younger children crying in the background on the phone because their mum was convulsing and wouldn't wake up." said Andrew, Taya's husband.

Andrew answered a call at work from his 12-year-old daughter, Anastasia, panicking because her mum Taya was convulsing on the couch and she couldn't wake her.

He could hear Anastasia's younger siblings crying in the background, terrified by what was happening to their mum.

Andrew would later discover that Taya had suffered a serious brain aneurysm and that there was a chance she may never wake up.

"It was one of the worst days of my life," Andrew said.

Taya and Andrew have five young children. When families like theirs, living in the outback are faced with life and death emergencies, they must rely on the us and you.

Taya, Andrew and their five children

Dr Will Ibbotson and his team continually monitored Taya's critical condition. Even with the best equipment, they were working against the clock to keep her from deteriorating. Any delay could have caused damage to her brain.

Taya's life hung in the balance, and without the support of people like you and our highly trained medical teams, Taya would not have survived.

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