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Graphic: Topdrill

Topdrill activates drill-a-thon to raise vital funds for WA Flying Doctor

11 Jun 2021

Hats off to our friends over at Topdrill Mineral and Water Exploration who developed a drill-a-thon to raise funds to support the Flying Doctor.

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Broome Retrieval

Bob just loved the ride!

28 Apr 2020

Bob Niven shares his Flying Doctor story after experiencing two heart attacks whilst in Broome last year.

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A Midnight Emergency

27 Apr 2020

Doreen was enjoying her pre-Christmas holiday down south in Denmark when she awoke to a burning sensation and tightness in her chest.

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Keeping remote community safe during COVID-19

27 Apr 2020

It’s the beginning of March and the Kimberley region remains unaffected by the coronavirus pandemic. Elsewhere around the globe and in some parts of Australia, the threat of COVID-19 is rapidly spreading.

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Spot the difference on old and new Australian $20 note

17 Apr 2020

Great pick up by an eagle-eyed Western Australian who noticed the call-signs on Flying Doctor aircraft featuring on the old and new Australian $20 note are different. Blunder or not? We get down to the bottom of the mystery!

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A tourist flight of a lifesaving kind

13 Apr 2020

When her dad had a widowmaker heart attack on a family holiday in Broome, daughter Bryony was inspired by the work of the RFDS and promised her 12 year old self she would support the organisation in anyway way she could.

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Preparing COVID-19 Patient for Transfer

08 Apr 2020

Is your organisation preparing potential COVID-19 patients for transfer? The RFDS medical team has developed specialist advice for those in remote locations during this pandemic.

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Response Ready for WA Appeal

07 Apr 2020

The Response Ready for WA Appeal will enable the immediate bolstering of frontline people – doctors, nurses and pilots.

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BHP leads industry COVID-19 funding for Flying Doctor in Western Australia

02 Apr 2020

The Royal Flying Doctor Service in Western Australia has today launched an appeal to support its COVID-19 efforts which includes boosting its front line workforce by 25 per cent, investment in critical capital and operational supplies.

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