RFDS PC-24: The ultimate flying intensive care unit

A game changer in aeromedical care, the RFDS PC-24 slashes total mission time of long-haul/interstate evacuations and delivers three critically-ill patients the finest care in the air.

The world's first purpose-built aeromedical jet, the RFDS PC-24 packages the RFDS’ signature aeromedical interior and seamless patient loading system with the unparalleled performance and versatility of the state-of-the-art Pilatus PC-24 Super Versatile Jet.

Matched with a highly skilled team of Consultant-led Retrieval Doctors and Critical Care Nurses — backed by a 24/7 Operations Communications Centre — the RFDS PC-24 ensures safe and consistent critical care at every point of the patient journey.

Watch video.

The world’s first purpose-built aeromedical jet, the RFDS PC-24 really is in a class of its own:

  • ICU capability for three stretchered patients – flexibility to transport multiple ventilated patients (ECMO/IABP capability)
  • Complete Neonatal Maternal Solution – postpartum mother and newborn/s (two Mansell Units) travel together
  • Advanced bariatric solution – enhanced stretcher and stretcher-loader weight lifting capabilities (230kg)
  • Seamless Patient Loading System – bespoke rear door and electric stretcher-loader for optimum patient safety
  • Continuous On-Ground Power – constant electrical supply for medical equipment and climate control on tarmac
  • Superior short-field take-off/landing – greater operational flexibility and access to regional aerodromes
  • Unpaved airfield capability – unmatched airfield access and mobility in remote parts of the country
  • Certified for single-pilot operation – unrivalled operational efficiency and payload carrying capability

Download Capability Statement for the RFDS PC-24.

Dirt landing on North Well Station

Watch video of the first 'dirt' landing of the RFDS PC-24 on Australian soil, performed in outback South Australia during our pre-service pilot training program.

Contact us if you would like to check whether your sealed/unsealed airstrip can be registered for aeromedical jet operations within SA/NT.



South Australia 
– 1800 RFDS SA (1800 733 772)

Northern Territory – 1800 RFDS NT (1800 733 768)

Interstate Transfers (Hospital to Hospital) (08) 8648 9555



Adelaide Base

1 Tower Road, Adelaide Airport SA 5950. Tel: (08) 8238 3333

Darwin Base

10a Lancaster Road, Eaton NT 0820. Tel: (08) 8998 9940


    The $15 million purchase of the RFDS PC-24 was funded solely by the generosity of the community – our bequestors, donors, volunteers and corporate and community partners – who support us on the ground to help keep our crews in the sky.