To Leroy, it’s healthy smiles and happy lives.

Mutitjulu Dental

Since March 2020, the RFDS Remote Oral Health Care team has been flying into Mutitjulu, a community a the base of Uluru, working in partnership with Central Australian Aboriginal Congress and the local Anangu, Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara people to deliver oral health treatment, preventative care and education. 

Across Central Australia, centuries of Dreaming stories have been told about Uluru – the sacred site is known to traditional owners as the resting place for the past ancient spirits of the region. Many of these stories hail from Mutitjulu, which is home to around 300 residents including Senior Anangu Traditional Owner, Leroy Lester. 

Being hundreds of kilometres from the nearest dental clinic, Leroy panicked about his overall health when he started to experience tooth pain.

Watch the video to go behind the scenes with our oral health team.