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Graphic: To heal a broken heart

To heal a broken heart >

“Mother and baby both well” are the words everyone wants to hear when awaiting news of the arrival of a newborn child. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case for Adelaide mother Rajani and her new little Arnav.
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Graphic: Fergus Gunn cattleman

Cattleman's crisis

A young man's world was literally turned upside down when he blew a tyre on his 4WD whilst driving on one of Australia's most remote cattle properties.
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Graphic: Neil Rodd

Amazing escape

Abalone diver Neil Rodd works under water every day and faces the kind of risks most of us can only imagine. A decision to ascend from a deep dive to escape white pointer sharks left him with a bad case of decompression sickness and a need for the RFDS to fly him to emergency medical care.
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Graphic: Twins in hospital

Rescue flight last hope to save tiny twins

When Amanda Davis felt the first startling twinges of labour, she was also overcome by a strong feeling of deja vu. Thirty weeks pregnant with twins, Amanda, was already all too familiar with the horrible risks that lay ahead.
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Graphic: Gene and Carmen

Gene's mid-air miracle

Gene Hildebrand owes his life to his Flying Doctor crew after defying the odds in having his heart shocked backed into rhythm 54 times during his emergency flight to Adelaide.
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