Highway to help: Tony's story

"The kangaroo came out of nowhere and I lost control – apparently the car rolled 50 metres” - Tony Hudson

When Tony’s vehicle rolled off the Eyre Highway in one of the most remote areas of the country, he was trapped in his car clinging to life – needing the RFDS to land on the road to airlift him to safety.

After visiting family in Perth in late March, Tony Hudson set off on his way home to South Australia across the Nullarbor Plain. It was a road trip the 53-year-old motorist had done “thousands of times”.

Car Rollover on the Nullarbor Highway

But on this journey, a large grey kangaroo leapt from the scrub. 

The roo clashed with the side of the car. 

The rest was a blur.

Barely conscious, bones shattered and bleeding from the head, Tony was trapped. 

He tried to use his phone – but being so remote, there was no reception.

Watch the above video for the full story.