Colin Cartwright

Television show reminder of Flying Doctor’s work leads to support

Date published

19 Jan 2022

Watching patient stories come to life on TV gave Colin Cartwright a glimpse into how vital a role the Royal Flying Doctor Service plays in the lives of families across the far distances of rural and remote Australia and led to him leaving a Gift in Will.

Colin saw the show RFDS that aired on Channel 7 during late 2021 and realised that the real Flying Doctor played an important part in the lives of people in small communities. 

“I watched the show on TV and was really impressed by it. A friend of mine in Sydney was donating to the Flying Doctor and once we had spoken about it, I started to make some enquiries because I thought ‘this is a good cause’,” Mr Cartwright said. 

“This organisation covers the whole of Australia and I have a chance to play a part in it. Why wouldn’t you do it?” 

In a short period of time Mr Cartwright looked at the history of the Flying Doctor, the services offered, and came to a conclusion.

Photo from the TV series

“It takes a lot of money to deliver these services. Maintaining planes, purchasing new equipment, and travelling long distances is very expensive. The RFDS needs all the help it can get so I am very happy to do my part,” he said. 

“I’m a cog in the wheel and it needs lots of people to help it keep going. If people don’t support it, it will disappear, but we can’t let that happen.” 

Colin’s career took him all over the world and that reenforced to him just how unique the Flying Doctor is. 

After serving as a steward in the British Army and serving in Northern Ireland, Cyprus and the Middle East, he went on to butler to the rich and famous in the United States. 

A return to public service brought him to Australia, where he would ultimately settle down.

“I worked in Government Houses in the Commonwealth, at Canberra, New Zealand and Sydney and during that time I worked for Sir Roden Cutler V.C.,” Mr Cartwright said. 

He went on to have an extensive career in the hotel industry, including being the first Butler at the Regent Hotel in Sydney.

“I enjoyed my working life and look back at it with fondness.”

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