Henry MacAlpine

Henry’s family needed the Flying Doctor

Date published

21 May 2024

At eight-months and again at two-years-old, Henry suffered from intussusception - a life-threatening blockage in the intestine.

“I was so petrified for Henry,” Ange MacAlpine, Henry’s mum shared, recalling their experience.

Now, Ange is beaming with pride as she shared the latest on Henry’s journey with us.

Despite entering the notorious ‘threenager’ phase, Henry remains a beacon of joy and health, effortlessly captivating all who cross his path.

Henry MacAlpine

Amidst the hustle and bustle of summer on their station, The Marra, with weaning and shearing, young Henry’s energy continues to illuminate their homestead.

He’s alive today thanks to your support.

Henry is enthusiastically engaged in preschool activities through Dubbo School of Distance Education, where his days are filled with laughter, craft projects, and the company of cherished friends.

His insatiable curiosity extends to his beloved pets and anything that moves with wheels and a motor.

Over the summer, the family is tethered to the land, but Ange shared, “We did however manage to escape the heat to the coast for a few days thanks to some amazing friends who came and stayed at the farm for us.”

Amidst the rhythm of rural life, Ange and her family find solace in the unwavering support of people like you.

You make it possible for them to live on the land, and to have access to emergency care when tragedy strikes.