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Four new RFDS aircraft take to the skies above regional NSW

Date published

11 Feb 2020

Four new B350 aircraft are now in operation across the reach of the Royal Flying Doctor Service’s South Eastern Section, bringing high-quality healthcare to the furthest corners of the state.

This includes two new 9-seater passenger aircraft, designed to transport clinical teams to remote clinics, and two planes with aero-medical fit-out that can be used in medical emergencies and for patient transport.

The new planes feature the latest in avionics and communications technology, with cabin LED lighting, medical equipment and wi-fi, ensuring staff are supported with the tools they need to save lives.
CEO Greg Sam said the new planes were a significant step forward in quality healthcare delivery for the organisation.

“Our strategy is to continue to build on our fleet capability and remain at the forefront of advancement in aviation technology. It’s a priority for the RFDS to have the best planes in the air to respond to the needs of our communities, now and into the future,” he said.

“These four new planes will expand our capability not only to provide emergency retrieval services but also in transporting primary, mental and dental health teams to some of the most remote areas of the state.”

Mr Sam said the RFDS is also working on enhancing the quality and durability of airfields around the state, with a program of airstrip enhancement so planes can land in a multitude of circumstances.

“We are undertaking significant upgrade works to airstrips across the network; having completed 41 airstrip surveys, 35 airstrip lighting surveys, and provided 27 sets of emergency flares for night operations.’’

The B350s will complement the Section’s existing B200 aircraft.

“The RFDS is committed to improving health outcomes in rural and remote communities, and part of that commitment is building a fleet for the future,” Mr Sam said.

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