Reverend William Pryce has been a regular giver to the Flying Doctor for over 20 years.

Flying Doctor saves the day for Reverend

Date published

07 Apr 2022

Reverend William Pryce has been a regular giver to the Royal Flying Doctor Service (South Eastern Section) (RFDSSE) for over 20 years after seeing first-hand the incredible work of the emergency retrieval team.

It was in 2001 and having only just arrived in Broken Hill to commence eight weeks of parish support for the local church when he suffered a mid-range heart attack and needed the services of the Flying Doctor.

“If I hadn’t been seen by the RFDS I’m not sure what would have happened to me,” he said.

Rev. Pryce was transferred to Adelaide hospital for treatment and underwent an Angioplasty procedure.

“I had no idea that I ever had a heart problem, there was no sign of it. That type of heart attack really knocks you around for quite a while and it took me a while to get back on deck,” he added.

Reverend William Pryce has been a regular giver to the Flying Doctor for over 20 years.

Rev. Pryce said the Flying Doctor “saved the day”, which was what prompted him to then become a regular giver to the charity organisation.

“I didn’t really know much about the Flying Doctor before, but after the heart attack I thought ‘if there’s any organisation I should be supporting this is it’, because they saved the day,” he explained.

“It’s so important to support the RFDS and the work they do.”

After making his full recovery in Adelaide, Rev. Pryce and his family lived in Cootamundra for a time before years later returning to Broken Hill for another parish support work, but thankfully was able to complete his stay without any illness.

“It was great to experience Broken Hill, it’s a most interesting place, very unique,” he added.

Now 90-years-old and living back in Cootamundra, Rev. Pryce is showing no signs of slowing down, as he still does parish support work throughout the state when needed.

Rev. Pryce is so appreciative of the RFDSSE nurse and pilot who took care of him all those years ago and still remembers them fondly to this day. His message of thanks was simple.

“Thank you. Thanks for the brilliant care,” Rev. Pryce said.

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