Hamilton T1 Ventilator funding

Graphic: Hamilton T1 Ventilator funding

Vital funding from partnership with Ramelius Resources

Date published

06 Jul 2021

The Royal Flying Doctor Service in Western Australia (RFDSWA) is grateful to our funding partners who are vital to the work we do to save lives every day.

The RFDSWA is delighted to partner with Ramelius Resources who have recently supported the Flying Doctor in WA with the purchase of Hamilton T1 Ventilators worth $50,000. Our fleet of 18 aircraft have been equipped with these ventilators to provide the very best respiratory support to patients who use our essential service.

“The Hamilton Ventilator is a significant piece of equipment and provides the same functionality as a ventilator you’d find in a hospital,” RFDSWA Head of Medical, Robert Radici said.

“All patients requiring ventilator support can be cared for with this machine. Its functionality includes settings for neonates, paediatric and adult patients making it extremely versatile.”

The RFDSWA prides itself on investing in the care of our patients through the expertise of our crews and the quality of our equipment. The funding of medical equipment is an ongoing requirement for our service to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients. The portability of the ventilator makes it an appropriate inclusion for the small environment of our aircraft and makes a big difference to the care for our patients. It can also be taken to the scene of an incident.

“The Hamilton T1 is the first transport ventilator that combines the functionality of a fully featured ICU ventilator with the compactness and ruggedness required for transport,” RFDSWA Head of Nursing, Paul Ingram said.

Since January 2021, the RFDS has transported 200 patients who have relied on the Hamilton T1 Ventilator inflight for respiratory support. With a 10-year lifespan on these ventilators, the generous funding by Ramelius Resources is essential to the RFDS service offering.

Hamilton T1 Ventilator
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