Travel safe tips from your Flying Doctor

Date published

16 Sep 2020

Demand for our free 24/7 service keeps growing as more Western Australians #wanderoutyonder to experience our great state. 

In fact, the Royal Flying Doctor Service has just had its busiest year ever in WA. 

Right now, we are flying more than 30 people to safety every day.

Recent calls for help for holiday-related incident include camping, vehicle, motorbike, helicopter and jet ski accidents, snake bites and even two injuries from whales.

Here are our Top 10 Travel Safe Tips we've compiled from our crews who live work and play in our regions. 

1. Share your itinerary – Let others know where you are travelling and when you expect to return to (also a great excuse to brag about your trip!) Check in with them along the way

2. Pack plenty!
Take more than enough water, food, fuel, first-aid supplies and appropriate clothing.

3. Take enough medication.
Carry adequate supplies or your usual medications, as pharmacies can be few and far between. If necessary, carry a GP health summary with your medical history and a copy of a recent ECG if you have history of heart problems.

4. Talk to the locals.
Do your research and check in with the locals to make sure you are well informed about current conditions.

5. Avoid driving at night or dusk
as visibility is low and wildlife aplenty.

6. Know your location.
Use an app or GPS to provide your exact coordinates so help can reach you fast in an emergency.

7. Know first-aid.
Learn CPR and how to treat a snake bite, cuts and fractures until expert care arrives.

8. Carry a mobile phone
and keep it charged.

9. Be croc wise, be ocean wise.
Our rugged coastline and waterways can be treacherous, so enjoy them safely. Be aware the Kimberley and the Pilbara regions are crocodile country.

10. Take us with you.
Keep the Flying Doctor emergency number on hand in case you need us: 1800 625 800. We are here when you need us the most. We are a free service but as a charity, we welcome your donation to keep us flying further.

Give when you go! The RFDS is a free service.