Robin Miller

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Robin Miller: A life of service and adventure

Date published

04 Dec 2020
Nurse Robin Miller

Robin’s achievements during her short lifetime were remarkable. As a pioneering female pilot who combined her passion for flying with nursing, Robin made extraordinary contributions to both aviation and medicine.

Robin is best known as the ‘Sugarbird Lady’. When a second wave of polio hit Western Australia in the late 1960s, Robin began an immunisation program, flying to isolated communities to deliver vaccine doses on a sugar cube. Although the Sabin vaccine had been available for a decade, the tyranny of distance in WA had prevented immunisations for those living far from town.

Robin borrowed money to purchase an aircraft especially for this purpose, then worked as both pilot and nurse to deliver the immunisation program on the ground.

She worked with the Royal Flying Doctor Service in the 1960s and 70s. As well as working as a ‘flying nurse’, she delivered several new RFDS aircraft to WA, making epic voyages from Europe and the USA, including a solo journey from Paris to Perth.

Robin was born in Perth in 1940 to two well-known Western Australians, author and historian Dame Mary Durack and Captain Horrie Miller, a pioneering aviator and co-founder of MacRobertson Miller Airways.

Robin passed away in December 1975 aged 35 and was laid to rest in Broome.

Her legacy lives on in the health programs that continue to be delivered by the RFDS in remote WA communities.

If you are interested in leaving a lasting legacy of your own, we invite you to learn more about our Robin Miller Society, click here to find out more.