RFDS medical chests

Near, far, wherever you are, the RFDS has your back

Date published

21 Jun 2022
RFDS medical chest at remote Kimberley site

No matter where you are in WA, people are always within reach of the Royal Flying Doctor Service, thanks to our Medical Chest Program.

The RFDS first introduced medical chests in 1942, to distribute our services to areas with no access to emergency medical treatment and pain relief.

Today, we have 600 medical chests spread across our State, in national parks, remote tourist sites, mine sites, stations and rural communities, providing essential access to medical treatment for a wide range of situations.

Each chest is looked after by a custodian who has regular contact with our RFDS doctors.

rosemarie and amy

Guarding an extensive range of medicines and non-pharmaceutical items, each chest has the ability to treat a variety of medical conditions, from a minor wound to adrenalin to restart a heart.

If people are in a situation where they require retrieval by the RFDS, the patient can be prepared for retrieval and receive preliminary treatment from the medical chest contents until the aircraft arrives.

Our Medical Chest Program is coordinated by Rosemarie Adams and Amy Noble (pictured) – a dynamic duo who share the willingness to go the extra mile to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Rosemarie and Amy are particularly proud of growing and substantially expanding the program over the past year. 

rosemarie and amy

Highlights include:

Q Ongoing promotion of the Medical Chest Program at community events such as the Perth Royal Show last year, Caravan Camping Show

Q Introduced First Aid Kits and C2 defibrillators as part of the program’s offering

Q Media mentions of our Medical Chests: BBC UK Interview and Shipwreck Hunters Australia on Disney

Q A trip to Exmouth to Uaroo Station where they showcased the Medical Chest Program to station owners from across the Pilbara region.

Click here to check your eligibility, read about the obligations and apply for a medical chest with RFDS WA medical chest coordinators Amy and Rosemarie today.