Rebecca Tomkinson

Graphic: Rebecca Tomkinson

A Message from WA Flying Doctor CEO Rebecca Tomkinson

Date published

11 Mar 2022

Graphic: COVID PPE

The Omicron variant of COVID-19 has reached Western Australia and is now spreading throughout our community. 

We stand ready to respond in every way we can. Over the last two years, the RFDS has safely transported more than 156 patients with actual or suspected COVID-19 without incident. 

Our team has developed world-class infection control protocols that we continue to refine as the situation evolves to protect our people and our patients.

We have entered a new phase of the pandemic and would like our community to know what it will look like when we care for a COVID-19 patient.  Doctors, flight nurses and pilots will have a full plastic suit, a close-fitting mask and face shield, heavy boots and two pairs of rubber gloves. 

This is the personal protective gear they will wear for the entire flight. This is the experience of our flying doctors in a pandemic. 

Our entire team has been busy preparing for this response, and I am incredibly proud of their dedication, hard work and innovation.

Graphic: vaccinations in remote WA

Most importantly, we have administered more than 10,000 COVID-19 vaccines to protect people in remote WA. 

The RFDS vaccination program delivered in partnership with WA Country Health Service, Aboriginal health services and local communities, is a critical line of defence for some of our most vulnerable Western Australians.

Western Australians have done a remarkable job protecting ourselves and our community from COVID-19, and we will continue to do this with dedication in 2022. 

Just as supporters like you have always been there for the RFDS, we will continue work hard to be there for Western Australians whenever you need us.

A very heartfelt thank you for everything you do for the Flying Doctor and we look forward to sharing our journey with you in 2022.

Best wishes,

Rebecca Tomkinson
Chief Executive Officer
Royal Flying Doctor Service, WA