From the frontline: Preparing for take-off

Date published

05 Nov 2020

Sending doctors, flight nurses and pilots into the skies at a moment's notice to reach patients spread across more than 2.5 million square kilometres takes a special kind of something.

Colin Coordination Centre RFDS Jandakot

As you are reading this, our pilots, doctors and flight nurses are mid-flight on their way to someone who needs our care.

Thanks to the generosity of people like you, we have a team of dedicated people working around the clock to deliver life-saving care from our five regional bases across WA.

Colin has been a member of this team for the past seven years.

Colin and the team at our Coordination Centre at Jandakot Airport answer more than 300 calls for help each day from every corner of the state, ensuring our aircraft and clinicians reach people who need us in the shortest possible timeframe.

Coordination CEntre

For every call that comes through the Coordination Centre, the team have to determine the best aeromedical response for our patients based on their location and health needs.

This includes tasking crews, assessing airstrip viability, fuelling, lighting, weather conditions, liaising with the calling location and arranging road transport links.

The Coordination Centre also maintains communication with crews in-flight and on the ground via VHF radios and satellite phones, ensuring they’re with our crews and patients every step of the journey.

Canola fields near Brookton on the drive to Esperance

Right now, the Flying Doctor in Western Australia is busier than ever.

"'That could be me' - is a thought that often comes to mind when I answer a call for help. I feel proud working for a service that keeps our way of life," Colin says.

Outside work, Colin knows the joys an pitfalls of remote travel, regularly holidaying in the regions with his partner and flying his drone to recharge (see video for Colin's epic drone footage).

"Knowing that help will come if we ever need is gives us peace of mind as we holiday in the regions, especially when travelling through the really remote parts."

You never know when you might need the Flying Doctor, but we are always here for you and your loved ones with thanks to your generous support.

Please donate today to help the Flying Doctor meet increased demand across WA.