Baby Laiken decided to come a few weeks early

Graphic: Baby Laiken decided to come a few weeks early

A flying start for a new baby

Date published

25 Aug 2021

"It had been a wild few days. We were off the grid on our babymoon in WA’s South West when little Laiken decided he wanted to meet the world a few weeks early,” Scott Crowdy recalled.

Graphic: Annalise and baby Laiken

Avid travellers, Scott and his wife Annalise were soaking up the final days before the birth of their first child in Pemberton when Annalise’s abdominal aches and pains led them to the local hospital.

Soon after arriving at Manjimup Hospital, the doctor turned to Scott and said, ‘it looks like we’re having a baby today!’

Still five weeks from Annalise’s due date and with the risk of complications, the safest option was to call on the RFDS to transport Annalise to King Edward Memorial Hospital in Perth.

“From the moment I hit the runway, the medical crew onboard checked to see how far along I was and monitored me throughout the flight. The RFDS team made me feel so comfortable and talked me through labour, breathing and reminded me to relax my abdomen,” Annalise remembered.

Flight Nurse Fiona Yard and Doctor Koert Jan Schonewille stayed with Annalise after the flight and travelled in the ambulance to the hospital to ensure she continued to receive the best care.

"For a first-time mum I felt so supported and calm by the team’s presence. I sincerely appreciate and am grateful for the Royal Flying Doctor Service," Annalise Crowdy said.

Annalise was taken straight to the labour ward where she had an emergency caesarean.

Graphic: Baby Laiken

Dad Scott raced to the hospital while Annalise was inflight and arrived just after Laiken was born.

He was able to be by Laiken’s side while he was receiving care in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

“I never thought I would need the assistance of the RFDS. I am so humbled by the outstanding support the service provides the community and am so thankful you were able to get me to the hospital in time for our son to get the care he needed immediately after birth.” Annalise said.

Today, Laiken is a tough little baby, growing stronger each day. He embarked on his first holiday down south when he was six weeks old. The young family are looking forward to the many adventures and milestones that lay ahead with their precious baby boy.