Darcy's Horse

Darcy's Horse sculpture to raise vital funds for the WA Flying Doctor

Date published

19 Jan 2022
John and Flynn

Darcy’s Horse is inspired by the RFDS ‘origin story’ of Kimberley stockman Jimmy Darcy who was badly injured after falling from his horse on an outback cattle station in 1917. 

Jimmy’s plight captured the attention of the nation and Australians collectively held their breath to see if Jimmy would survive until a doctor could reach him. 

It took almost a fortnight for a doctor to make the journey and, despite medical instructions via morse code in the interim, Jimmy Darcy sadly passed away just before the doctor arrived in Fitzroy Crossing. 

The story inspired the Reverend John Flynn (pictured on the Australian twenty dollar note) to establish Australia’s first aeromedical service. It took more than a decade, but the RFDS was finally born in 1928.

horse and pc12

Darcy’s horse became the inspiration for the sculpture after a visit by Troy Morrison to the RFDS hangar where he found an aircraft exhaust shaped like a horse’s neck among a collection of old engineering parts.

‘As soon as I saw that, I knew what I was making. I was excited to start creating and went like a freight train to get it done,’ said Troy.

‘The vision to create the sense of a horse transitioning into an aeroplane was clear in my head.’

The piece includes found objects that reflect the history of the RFDS, such as a morse code transmitter, aircraft pressure gauges and an aircraft door handle.

Troy and Darcy's Horse

Creating the sculpture took Troy five months and he has generously donated the piece to raise vital funds for the service.  

All funds raised will go towards enabling the Flying Doctor to provide world-class care to people in regional and remote WA. 

Darcy’s Horse is due to be auctioned later this year and expressions of interest to purchase this unique Western Australian artwork are welcomed. 

Contact RFDS WA Head of Community and Engagement Rebecca Maddern on 0437 724 116 for further details.

Preview for Darcy's Horse Sculpture Prospectus

Darcy's Horse Sculpture Prospectus

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