Five-year-old's RFDS dash to Perth

Date published

02 Nov 2020

Scared, in pain and wanting his mum, little Esperance boy Emmett Buckley had badly fractured his elbow at school.

Emmett in-flight

Moments before the injury, the five-year-old had been playing with his friends and letting his imagination run wild.  

Immediately rushed to Esperance Hospital, the doctors assessed and x-rayed Emmett’s arm and, in consultation with the specialists at Perth Children’s Hospital, determined he needed urgent surgery and specialised care only available in the city.

After receiving the call for assistance, the RFDS flew Emmett and his mum Jaimee to Perth.

“Our pilot and nurse made my little boy feel safe and comfortable. We were reassured the flight would be as painless and as quick as possible,” Jaimee recalls. 

“Our nurse kept Emmett’s pain under control and he dozed off in the aircraft within 45 minutes.”

Jaimee and Emmett

Comfortable and fast asleep during the flight, Emmett soon arrived at Perth Children’s Hospital for surgery to stabilise the fracture.

“If it wasn’t for the RFDS, my little boy could have potentially spent another day in agony and could have lost the arm or complete feeling in it,” said Jaimee.

Now in recovery, Emmett is resting up and eager to return to the adventures and activities of being a five-year-old - riding his bike, basketball, swimming, bouncing on the trampoline and playing with his family and friends.

Although the recovery is frustrating for him, Emmett fondly remembers his experience with the RFDS, particularly the pilot telling him about previously flying for the army – a great interest of Emmett’s.

Now safely back home in Esperance, Jaimee is grateful for the Flying Doctor being there for her and her little man when they needed it most.

“You made a very unwell little boy super comfortable and a panicky mum as calm as possible – an experience we will never forget. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,” Jaimee says.