After school excursion for Djugerari Kids in remote WA

03 Jul 2020

School's out for Djugerari Remote Community School students Cecilia and Kyle who score the opportunity to tour the RFDS' workhorse - the PC-12 turboprop aircraft and meet with crew.

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A tourist flight of a lifesaving kind

13 Apr 2020

When her dad had a widowmaker heart attack on a family holiday in Broome, daughter Bryony was inspired by the work of the RFDS and promised her 12 year old self she would support the organisation in anyway way she could.

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Preparing COVID-19 Patient for Transfer

08 Apr 2020

Is your organisation preparing potential COVID-19 patients for transfer? The RFDS medical team has developed specialist advice for those in remote locations during this pandemic.

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Response Ready for WA Appeal

07 Apr 2020

The Response Ready for WA Appeal will enable the immediate bolstering of frontline people – doctors, nurses and pilots.

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BHP leads industry COVID-19 funding for Flying Doctor in Western Australia

02 Apr 2020

The Royal Flying Doctor Service in Western Australia has today launched an appeal to support its COVID-19 efforts which includes boosting its front line workforce by 25 per cent, investment in critical capital and operational supplies.

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Response Ready for WA

26 Mar 2020

Our Flying Doctor crews on the frontline of our 24-hour aeromedical emergency service continue to work through these unprecedented times. Find out more about how we are actively helping every day, in many different ways.

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Victory and Kimberley turn one!

19 Mar 2020

It is with great pride that we mark the first year of successfully integrating two world-first Rio Tinto LifeFlight PC-24 jets to our wider fleet.

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Rio Tinto invests in a third aeromedical jet for RFDS Western Operations fleet

19 Feb 2020

A third Rio Tinto LifeFlight PC-24 jet is set to join the RFDS Western Operations fleet in 2022.

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Weighing a RFDS PC-12 Aircraft

17 Feb 2020

When our PC-12 aircraft arrive from the Pilatus factory in Switzerland, the plane undergoes an aeromedical fit-out, performed by our specialist engineers. The 760 hour fit-out equips the aircraft to serve as an intensive care unit in the sky.

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