Teddy bears go to hospital

Date published

17 Nov 2017

The kids at this Launceston Primary School took x-rays, listened to hearts, and gave asthma medication - to their donated teddies of course! Toothbrush kits were supplied to each child by RFDS

kids with tooth brush with paste

Not long ago medical students from the Launceston Clinical School held a teddy bear hospital at a local Launceston primary school. During the visit children were ecstatic to be supplied with their own "dental kits" from the Royal Flying Doctor Service Tasmania.The kits contained a toothbrush and toothpaste, as well as a brushing calendar; and were a huge bonus to today's visit.

Children were also exposed to a variety of medical procedures, including surgery, x-rays and the treatment of asthma.

boy using spacer and ventolin with teddy

The beautiful teddies were hand knitted by a wonderful supporter of the RFDS, Gloria Jones from Latrobe. Although the cuddly toys were poked and prodded, x-rayed and hugged to near death, they were well "treated" by both medical students and children alike.

teddy bears being x-rayed by children

The Royal Flying Doctor Service Tasmania provides free dental services and education to children under 18 years and also to adults holding a health care card in Tasmania.

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