Mental Health & Wellbeing

Adult Mental Health

Let's talk it through together.

If managing your day-to-day life feels difficult or a struggle, we can support you.

You can access our free mental health and well-being program if you are:

> an adult, or

> a young person (8 to 16 years old)

Our qualified mental health team is available to support you with your mental health and well-being concerns and, more importantly, help provide strategies to overcome challenges.

Adult mental health

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Youth Mental Health

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Take a Minute for Mental Health

The Mental Health Council of Tasmania have launched their Take a Minute Challenge. 

The 7 minute challenge is designed to help you discover what makes you happy and fulfills your life. It guides you though an easy process allowing you to make the connection between simple pleasures and the positive benefits they have. It really only takes a minute a day!

It asks us to consider the simple things that we can (and often already) do to stay on top of and boost our mental wellbeing.

Click Here to find out more - and Take a Minute for your mental health.