Primary School

Primary Students

We offer a number of options for Kinder- Gr 6;

* Incursions (in class, we come to you) where we talk to classes about the RFDS, its history and what they do and introduce health related topics (depth and topic dependent on the age of the students) and also include interactive activities to facilitate the learning.
This incursion does not include the Sim
There is no fee attached to this service

* Visit our base (the hanger) near Launceston airport where students can participate in a variety of hands-on activities designed specifically for their age/grade. These sessions have a focus on health promotion and preventative health care such as oral hygiene and physical health. This option also involves access to our state-of-the-art Simulator. Sometimes we are also able to secure a visit from the air services fire brigade.
There will be a fee for this service per session (1 hour 15mins) or full day option (multiple classes from the one school with a maximum of 4 sessions in the day)

* We will also have an incursion option with the Simulator included (we come to you) - full-day option available only and this option will be set to a limited number of schools per year. This option will include a fee.

* Finally, don’t forget the amazing resources you can access for your class for FREE on the link below. Access a variety of web-based activities, curriculum units, and supporting resources for use in the classrooms. All resources are linked to the Australian Curriculum and are complete with cross-curricular links, standards of achievement, lesson plans, assessment tasks, and assessment evaluation tools. They are ready to pick up and use!

Secondary School

Secondary Students

Our program for secondary schools differs depending on the level, and is divided into years 7-10 and senior. Junior and Middle Secondary are currently offered experiences within their Careers Education framework. Working in a diverse multifaceted organisation we have a variety of career paths on offer. This makes the RFDS an attractive invitee to careers days where we present talks and run hands on activities. Schools with senior secondary year levels and colleges are offered the opportunity to participate in our Senior Health Studies Presentations. This presentation is based on The Senior Health Studies Curriculum, Unit 3; Health in Australia. The presentation details health issues in rural and remote areas of Australia, investigates the disparity between health outcomes in these areas and outlines the work the Royal Flying Doctor Service is doing to minimise these inequities.

Tertiary Students

Tertiary Students

Tertiary students in Tasmania, undertaking further education in related areas, are invited to participate in our scholarship program. We currently sponsor 6 scholarships; The Fred McKay Scholarship provides a final year medical student with a two week placement with the RFDS, The Robin Miller RFDS Nursing Scholarship provides a two week placement in Port Augusta to a final year nursing student, The John Flynn Dental Assistant Scholarship provides a two week placement for dental assistants who are studying a Certificate III with TasTAFE and three Commercial Travellers Association (CTA) Student Scholarships which provide 4th year medical students from rural or remote areas with financial assistance to undertake their practical placement.

Non-school based organisations are also invited to access our education programs, with After School Care and Vacation Care programs accessing holiday programs on offer.

Educational Porgrams

Clubs, Organisations, After-school Care, Holiday/Vacation Care

Non-school-based organisations are also invited to access our education programs. 

We would love to be part of your special event or program and there are flexible options to suit your needs.


If you would like to enquire about any of our Educational Programs, please contact our Education Officer, Meg Culhane.


Educational Resources

FREE Teacher Educational Resources

Access free unit plans, supported by online resources allowing teachers to implement a term’s learning program in the Australian Curriculum HASS learning area.

Visit to register for the free online educational program, contact, or call 03 6391 0509 to learn more about the program in Tasmania.