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My fundraising trek

Date published

02 Nov 2017

In total the group raised in excess of $64,000 toward the RFDS, with Tasmania being the highest fund raising state.

Some time ago Zoe Page sent us a wrap up of her fundraising journey for the  RFDS Tasmania.

“Walking the five days of the Larapinta trail to raise funds for the RFDS, was an amazing experience.”

“What started as a group of strangers with a like-minded goal quickly became firm friends. The days were in the mid-high 20’s with minimal shade and quite a lot of uphill, but there was plenty of good cheer, support and the views were well worth the climb. The highlight of the trip was the night ascent of Mt Sonder, 1380m. The sunrise was more than spectacular despite the drop in temps to -6.”

“In total the group raised in excess of $64,000 toward the RFDS, with Tasmania being the highest fundraising state. I am so glad of the opportunity, and that I could contribute back to my community.

The support and sponsorship from individuals and local companies was amazing and especially the six months of donated training with Ascent Fitness. I felt fit and confident for the walk and it was all the more enjoyable because of that.”

From all of us at RFDS Tasmania, Thank You Zoe.

If you are interested in trekking for the RFDS like Zoe did call RFDS Tasmania's head office; (03) 6391 0509