Welcome to the John Flynn Society

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RFDS, It all started with a bequest.

The Royal Flying Doctor Service was started by a bequest. Long-time supporter of Flynn and his idea to bring “a mantle of safety” to people living in the bush, H.V. McKay, left a large bequest for an aerial experiment, which ended up becoming the Royal Flying Doctor Society.

What is the John Flynn Society and why did we start it?

At RFDS Tasmania, and all around the country, we often receive bequests from people who have not been known to us personally. Many times they are from people who have never donated to the Flying Doctor, but have always planned to leave us a gift in their will.

We started the John Flynn Society so that we can have a relationship, to the level of their choosing, with those who intend on leaving us a bequest when the time comes.

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What will happen when I inform RFDS Tasmania of my future bequest?

When we hear about the gift you intend to leave us in your will we will add you as a member of our John Flynn society.
After that you can expect to:

  • Receive a welcome letter from our CEO.
  • Be invited to come and take morning tea with our CEO and the President of our board. Be invited as a special guest to all of RFDS Tasmania’s official events, both in Hobart and Launceston.
  • Receive our quarterly newsletter, keeping you up to date with what is going on at RFDS Tasmania.
  • Have an open channel of communication with us about your bequest and how you wish it to be used.

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