Prime Mover Program

RFDS Tasmania's Prime Mover Program is an exercise and educational based therapy program developed by our Primary Health Care team. 

It is designed for people living in rural and remote areas with stable heart and lung conditions. The aim of the program is for participants to return to an active and satisfying life, and help prevent the occurrence of cardiac and pulmonary events.

Referral to the program can be from; your doctor, practice nurse, allied health professionals, mental health workers, community members or even yourself. To book into the Prime Mover Program please call your current RFDS Primary Health team contact, who will then contact your GP to seek clearance prior to your participation, if you are not referred directly by a GP. 

See contacts for each area, below.

Who is Prime Mover for?


Prime mover is for people who have had; chest pain (Angina), heart attack, re-vascularisation procedures, angioplasty, stents, heart surgery, or other heart conditions.The Prime Mover program also supports people with long term lung conditions such as; emphysema, chronic bronchitis, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and asthma.

What does Prime Mover do?


> Pre and post assessment.
> Supervised exercise sessions.
> Individually tailored exercise program.
> Regular program updates.
> Education sessions.

Why should I do Prime Mover?


> Strengthening and conditioning of your heart and your lungs.
> Controlling your weight and lowering your total cholesterol levels.
> Understanding your medications and signs of heart issues that may require medical attention.
> Increasing your self confidence and managing stress effectively.
> Developing a healthier lifestyle.
> Reducing your cardiac or pulmonary symptoms and potential future episodes.
> Better quality of life to live with your health condition.


George Town - Physical Health Worker - Lachlan Farrell P. 0439 799 958 E.

Dorset - Physical Health Worker - Lachlan Farrell P. 0439 799 958 E.

Flinders Island - Rural Health Worker - Anita Wilson E.

Break O'Day - Physical Health Worker - Kate Morden P. 0428 955 842 E.

Tasman - Exercise Physiologist - Samuel McCarron P. 0437 056 518 E.