Your donation will keep the Flying Doctor flying this Christmas

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Families and locals in remote areas of South Australia and Northern Territory need life-saving help this Christmas.

The holiday season should always remain one of joy and celebration… but a lot can change when a medical emergency arises.

Every 10 minutes, the Royal Flying Doctor Service helps someone in need in rural and remote South Australia and the Northern Territory.

No matter where you live, work or play, excellent healthcare and emergency assistance is vital for all Australians… especially in the busiest season of the year.

With your support, we can help send the Flying Doctor to the furthest corners with the finest care, so more lives will be saved this Christmas.

YES! I want to support people needing emergency care this Christmas.

Your gift this Christmas will help save lives like Randal's. 

Imagine arriving at an accident scene to discover one of your children unconscious.

That’s exactly what happened to Karina and Gerard Sheehan on a dirt track near the Beverley Uranium Mine, more than 600 kilometres north of Adelaide.

Both Randal and his girlfriend Isla were thrown from the vehicle.

“We didn’t know if they were dead or alive. I ran to Isla and Gerard took straight off to see Randal.

“The first thing you think of is contacting the Royal Flying Doctor Service,” Karina says.

Randal Sheehan Airlifted RFDS Central Operations

A trip to the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) by road would have taken more than seven hours but the RFDS flying intensive care unit covered this ground in just 120 minutes – with Dr Martyn and Flight Nurse Jackie Sherry providing the finest care in the air every step of the way.

After emergency surgery on his skull and a month of rehabilitation, Randal was discharged and returned to his job just five months later.

Karina shares, “Without the Royal Flying Doctor Service we know the outcome would have definitely been a lot different… It’s a service the outback can’t do without.”

When accidents turn into emergencies, your gift helps ensure Australians in the most remote and rural communities have access to world-class care.

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