Aeromedical Retrievals

To Dr James, it's expert medical care and keeping patients safe, secure and calm. 

Aeromedical Retrieval RFDS SA/NT

Our services in SA/NT

The RFDS provides emergency aeromedical evacuations throughout rural and remote South Australia and Northern Territory for people who are seriously-ill or injured and require urgent medical attention. 

We provide quality medical treatment on the ground and use an aeromedically-equipped aircraft to transport patients to an appropriate hospital for any further treatment.


An outback emergency

To Shirley, it was the doctor's phone call to her daughter to assure her that Shirley would survive.

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A crash on a deserted road

To Chris, it's the outback landing that brought him to safety.

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Join the team

At the RFDS, Rural Generalists, Pilots and Flight Nurses work together to provide the finest care in the air. 

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