Brought back to life... twice: Colleen's story

To Colleen, it's the heroes that saved her... twice

Richard thought he’d lost the love of his life when his partner Colleen’s heart stopped not once, but twice, in the middle of the night – in the middle of the outback.

What started as a regular day for Colleen, soon turned into one where she struggled for her life.

After spending the day doing work around her house in the remote town of Andamooka – more than 500 kilometres north of Adelaide – the dust from the harsh outback caused her to collapse and lose consciousness. She told us:

“That night, I thought I felt okay. I went into the bedroom for a rest, but it was a feeling that didn’t go away.” When her partner Richard came to check on Colleen, she was struggling to breathe and deteriorating rapidly.

“Colleen was blue, with a purple colour to her lips. I went straight into giving her mouth-to-mouth, but I couldn’t because she was so rigid.

It started to hit me that it was really bad when Colleen started saying her goodbyes, ‘Tell my kids, my mum and dad that I love them dearly,’” Richard said.

Colleen needed immediate medical attention – Richard made the desperate call for help. 

Watch the above video for the full story.