In hot water

Melanie’s nightmare was Louis’ life-threatening emergency:

A seriously broken leg and a blocked artery, hundreds of

kilometres from medical care.

When lives and limbs are literally on the line, every moment counts.

And when every moment counts, so does every dollar.

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is always there, ready and waiting at a moment’s notice, when you or

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Hardworking cattle ringer Louis, 21, was enjoying some rare downtime from cattle station

work in remote NT when the unimaginable happened.

A serious water-skiing accident saw Louis hit the water hard, severely breaking his leg.

“I knew something was wrong as soon as I picked my leg up out of the water. It was

flopping around, and I couldn’t move my ankle, and no feeling in my leg, and I could

pop it in and out of place.”
Louis recalled.

Hundreds of kilometres from medical care, and with Louis in excruciating pain, Louis’ friends

feared the worst. There was no time to waste driving him to local medical services, hours away by car.

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