The RFDS in WA

Preparation of patients

The need to transport patients is a common feature of rural medical and hospital practice. The literature abounds with papers outlining the adverse outcomes which can occur during intra-hospital and inter-hospital transport.

Problems arise from:

  • Inadequate diagnosis and initial management
  • Poor preparation
  • Failure to recognise potential complications during transport; and
  • The use of inexperienced or inappropriate escorts
Rural practitioners should understand:
  • The principles of preparation of patients for transport
  • The capabilities of different transport services in Western Australia
  • Some special considerations in air transport of medical conditions
  • What should accompany patients being transferred; and
  • The medico-legal implications of patient transport

You can download the full version of the booklet 'Transporting Your Patient' below, which covers how to organise a transfer, preparation of patients, tips for specific groups of patients and other useful information.

Transporting Your Patient

Transporting Your Patient

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