Retrieval equipment

We use a broad range of sophisticated biomedical equipment for transporting the diverse range of patients we encounter. There are differing requirements for the transfer of patients ranging from critical care trauma cases, acute cardiac cases, to obstetric emergencies and paediatric and neonatal transport. Each of our aircraft at our six facilities has access to the full range of equipment, which is standardised across the state.

We pride ourselves on being an early adopter of new innovative technology. Whilst there are many types of biomedical equipment found in hospitals, only that which is compact, lightweight, robust and has an independent internal power supply is generally suited to our needs in the aero medical environment. We are continually evaluating and trialing new equipment and when suitable new technology becomes available which will substantially improve our patient care, we implement it promptly.

In Western Australia we have been one of the first aero medical transport organisations to use a variety of new technology and equipment.


  • Vickers neonatal transport cot with ventilator (1978)
  • Doppler stethoscopes
  • Portable volumetric infusion pumps
  • Lifepak 5 portable defibrillator


  • Drager Oxylog (1982)
  • Aloka portable ultrasound (1983)
  • Nellcor N-10 portable pulse oximetry (1986)
  • Transcutaneous neonatal monitoring (TCM) (1988)
  • Vacuum mattresses (1989)
  • Lifepak 10P transcutaneous pacing


  • Satellite telephones
  • Intraosseuous needles
  • Propaq vital signs monitors with invasive pressure (1993)
  • Propaq critical care monitors with mainstream end-tidal CO2 (1995)
  • i-STAT point of care testing (1999)
  • Interpretive ECGs


  • Non-invasive ventilation (CPAP, BiPAP)
  • Portable ultrasound in flight (2008)
  • RFDS Blood Bank for retrieval
  • Nitric Oxide for neonatal transports
  • EZ-IO Intraosseous drills
  • Isopod portable isolation units
  • Video laryngoscopes


  • Active warming blankets
  • Bariatric Transport System (up to 300kg)

Virtually all of our medical equipment and aircraft aero medical fit-outs are provided through donations from the community and benefactors. If you would like to learn more about what specialised medical equipment we currently require, please contact our Marketing Department.

Medical Equipment Information