The first day of a child's life shouldn't be their last

Zac fundraiser

You may recall the moment when a special child in your life came into the world.

Relief, wonder, love and joy. It’s a whirlwind of emotions.

But for new mum Jemma, and dad Shane, it was a very different day. The happiness they both felt when their newborn baby arrived quickly faded and became sheer panic.

“The midwife put him on my chest, but something immediately felt wrong. He was limp and grey, really grey. He wasn’t kicking his legs, wriggling his arms or crying like a baby should. I just kept begging him to cry, over and over,” Jemma remembers.

Zac was born with an unexpected and life-threatening condition. He couldn’t clear the fluid on his lungs and was struggling to breathe.

Graphic: Jemma and Zac

Our expert neonatal crew sprang into action, airlifting Zac to Brisbane Hospital for emergency treatment. The CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine on board took every breath for him, and a specialist infant incubator kept him safe and warm.

But then Jemma started to haemorrhage and needed our help too.

While Zac was being cared for on board one Flying Doctor flight, his mum Jemma was being treated and supported by Flying Doctor Nurse, Jo, on another.

It took Zac a few days in Intensive Care to clear the fluid on his lungs. But, after a week, he was well enough for us to fly him and his mum home. Finally, Jemma was able to hold her baby in her arms without having to worry about tubes, wires and bleeping machines.

She knew her little boy was safe.

That’s the life-saving difference your support makes.

Today, your tax-deductible donation can help:

  • Fund the essential equipment we need to transport babies like Zac safely to intensive care
  • Fund life-saving equipment like CPAP machines, which are needed to get oxygen into tiny lungs
  • Provide the specialist neonatal training our nurses need to care for newborns like Zac

By sending a donation today, you can make sure the life of another child like Zac doesn’t end on that very first day. Thank you.