Twins surviving against the odds


Let's go on a journey deep into the heart of Australia. The real heart of Australia.

A place where families like the Davies work the land and grow the food you and I find on our supermarket shelves.

A place where the familiar sound of a twin-engine aircraft sends their nine-year-old son, Fletch, running out into the garden shouting…  

“Mum, mum, it’s the Flying Doctor!"

Because if Fletch hadn’t heard those twin engines the day his mum’s waters broke 15 weeks early – everything would be different for this family right now.

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Early on, everything looked perfectly normal for expectant mum, Nikiha.

She and her husband Matt were full of excitement and looking forward to welcoming the twins that would make their family complete.

But their joy was short-lived...

At her 12-week scan, Nikiha discovered that her twins had a rare condition where the babies share the placenta. The odds of a successful delivery had dropped to 89%.

Then Nikiha’s 18 week scan revealed they had an even rarer complication called Stage 2 Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome. 

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The twins needed an urgent and risky surgical procedure and their odds of survival suddenly plummeted to just 51%.

Can you imagine how Nikiha must have felt, knowing that she might never hold the babies she’d been carrying inside her for 18 weeks?

It was a full 24 hours before Nikiha could have an ultrasound. Matt held her hand as the nurse gently moved the ultrasound probe over her tummy. 

When they heard the sound of one heartbeat, closely followed by another, the tears of relief streamed down Nikiha’s face.

But Nikiha was only just over this shock when seven weeks later, the next one hit… 

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“I woke up at 4am with my waters breaking.

There was blood in the fluid.

I was absolutely gutted. 

All of a sudden you’re in a situation that you can’t control – faced with losing two of your babies.”

In fact, at just 25 weeks gestation, the odds of both Nikiha’s babies surviving had dropped to around 20%.

Plus, they were 300km away from the specialist care they needed.

Thanks to you and your support, we were flying in to pick Nikiha up in just a few hours. And 40 minutes after wheels up, we were handing her over to her team of specialists at Mater Hospital.

No one is more grateful to you than Nikiha…

“The Flying Doctors were wonderful, the flight nurse continuously checked on me. These people, they’re so special. I might not ever meet that pilot or that nurse again, but they were part of being able to have these two big, happy, healthy babies, and we’re forever grateful for that.”

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Today, Nash and Reuben are happy, healthy two-year-olds but it could’ve been a very different story without your support.

Your support provides enormous peace of mind for families in regional areas of Australia.

Just knowing the Flying Doctor will be there for them should they ever need it, means everything to families living in the heart of Australia.

And your support means everything to us, because you keep us flying there.

You fly us right into the heart of this vast country of ours to help families like the Davies.

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