Leroy’s life changed forever.


25 Oct 2018 10:01

The day Leroy almost lost his life was an ordinary workday - nothing was meant to go wrong.

Leroy was on his way to make a simple delivery with two colleagues when his buggy rolled, and changed his life forever.

“The buggy landed on my arm,” explains Leroy. “It pretty much cut my arm off.”

His workmates knew it was a very serious injury. The major blood loss meant that every second counted and any delay could be life threatening.

After putting a tourniquet around his arm to stop the bleeding, his work mates raced to the nearest roadhouse to alert the Flying Doctor.

His workmates and concerned locals waited anxiously for the aircraft to arrive and thankfully, the Flying Doctor landed just in time. Leroy was airlifted to hospital where his arm had to be amputated. But if it wasn’t for the quick response of his workmates and the Flying Doctor, he might have lost his life.

This tragic accident is a sobering reminder that you never know when you—or someone you love—might need the Flying Doctor.

Accidents and illness can strike without warning. And when you’re in a rural or remote area, you might be hundreds of kilometres from the nearest hospital.


Today, Leroy is back at work and living life to the fullest and is incredibly thankful to his work mates, the Flying Doctor and everyone else who helped save his life. This experience made him want to help others in need… He is now the first amputee volunteer ambulance officer in his state.

“The Flying Doctor saved my life,” he says. “Maybe I can save someone else’s.”

The Flying Doctor has helped people like Leroy for 90 years, but we can only continue to provide 24-hour emergency care, 365 days a year across a vast area of 7.69 million square kilometres, with your help.