Rescue a mother and baby this Christmas


8 Nov 2017

Erin was just nineteen weeks into her pregnancy when she was told she had a rare and serious complication called Placenta Previa. 

There was no way she could deliver normally. Her baby, Carter, would not make it to full term and would have to be born via C-Section.

At 27 weeks Erin was admitted to her local hospital with stomach pains and told she was at risk of having a major bleed at any moment. Her doctors knew that mum and baby would not be safe until they could get her to the fully equipped Neonatal ICU at a hospital in Sydney. 

A road journey by ambulance would take five hours. If Erin suffered a major bleed during that drive she would probably die. 

Erin’s doctors knew there was only one way to get her there in time – on an emergency Royal Flying Doctor Service flight.

At 2:30am, they made the vital call to the Flying Doctor.

Graphic: Tiny baby Carter

Within minutes of that call coming in, the Royal Flying Doctor Service had a plane in the air and on its way to rescue Erin.

The flight went seamlessly but on arrival at the Sydney hospital, the major bleed Erin’s doctors were worried about happened. Thankfully, the medical team at the hospital were able to take immediate action and stabilise Erin.

Carter was delivered ten weeks pre-term, tiny and fighting for life, and he and Erin spent the next 102 days in hospital. When Carter was ready to leave hospital, we flew mother and baby back home.

Jamie, the RFDS Flight Nurse, really touched Erin’s heart, comforting her and helping her to make emotional and mental adjustments during that flight. Taking care of passengers like Erin and Carter is just one of the many talents of our highly trained flight crew.

At Christmas time, when family means so much to us all, the Flying Doctor will be ready for action whenever the call comes in. Thanks to our generous supporters, we’re ready to respond to calls like Erin’s immediately, 24 hours of the day, 365 days of the year.

Erin and her family have missed out on so many ‘firsts’ with Carter, but this year they are looking forward to enjoying Carter’s first Christmas together.

Please give generously this Christmas to help the Flying Doctor to save lives.