Primary Health Care

The RFDS provide free primary health care services and deliver them directly to community members to meet their needs. Tasmania's Integrated Primary Care Consortium (IPCC) is managed by RFDS in partnership with five local government areas (LGA).  Many of our programs are supported by Primary Health Tasmania (Tasmania PHN) under the Australian Government’s Primary Health Networks Program.

Services are designed to address chronic health conditions in rural and remote areas, including:



RFDS Tasmania Rural health care worker in countryside

Rural Health Workers

​Rural health Workers work with community members with chronic conditions to identify, respond and better manage their health and well-being. They deliver education programs and health promotion activities, and identify service gaps, as well as Identifying disengaged community members.

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Physical Health Workers

Physical health workers work with community members to provide exercise therapy programs for people living with chronic conditions. They deliver education programs and health promotion activities and identify service gaps. Physical health workers identify potential limitations to physical activity and explore appropriate referral pathways.

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Mental Health Workers

RFDS mental health workers promote mental health and aim to reduce the risk or severity of mental health disorders. They provide one-on-one sessions and services, such as education, consultation and information to people who are at risk of suicide. They provide community outreach for those who are in need of mental support and provide a proactive way to address the needs of those who do not use traditional mental health services.

Service Areas

George Town


Flinders Island

Break O'Day

Glamorgan Spring Bay

Huon Valley

Bruny Island

Tasman Peninsula

West Coast

Central Highlands

Meander Valley

Northern Midlands

Prime Mover Program

Older people enjoying exercise

The RFDS Tasmania Prime Mover Program supports people with heart and lung conditions to better self-manage their health and well-being. The program is funded by the government and is offered in 5 Tasmanian local government areas (LGA). Prime mover is for people who have had; chest pain (Angina), heart attack, re-vascularisation procedures, angioplasty, stents, heart surgery, or other heart conditions.The Prime Mover program also supports people with long term lung conditions such as; emphysema, chronic bronchitis, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and asthma.

Prime Mover Program

Primary Health Care Services Study

A report and associated study commissioned by RFDS Tasmania, Provision of Primary Health Care Services Strategic Study found that there are considerable differences in health outcomes between those living in remote Tasmania and those residing in areas where services are present and easily accessible. The report and associated study brought together a wide range of evidence-based information about the health status of the Tasmanian population and described the potential opportunities for the RFDS to contribute in primary health care. Tasmania is now building on past good work and looking to expand primary health care programs to assist in bridging this gap.

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