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Supporters who arrange regular giving are a very special part of the Royal Flying Doctor Service family and help us to carry out our life-saving work. Our regular givers provide us with the security of a steady income. This ongoing support enables us to plan for the future while maintaining our existing services.

By making a monthly, quarterly, or twice-yearly donation, you can become a valued member of our team!

Regular giving

Join the crew that saves lives - Become a Flying Doctor Wings member today

Thousands of people who live, work and travel in rural and remote Queensland depend on the Flying Doctor to provide a lifeline in an emergency.

Our Wings members are a key part of the crew that make saving lives possible. With their monthly gifts they help keep our flights equipped with medical items such as syringes, breathing tubes, IV fluid and medications.

These items may seem basic. But without them, our aeromedical teams would be powerless. That's why our Wings members are so important to us, and why we would be grateful if you were to join us today.

As a Wings member you can feel proud knowing that 24 hours a day, everyday of the year, you are helping save lives across Queensland. Your monthly gifts will keep our aircraft in the air and stocked with the supplies our doctors and flight nurses need to save lives like baby Aria's.

Graphic: Aria's story

Aria's story

Jessica Thompson was 35 weeks pregnant when a scan revealed her baby Aria was in distress. Doctors carried out an immediate caesarean, and discovered Aria had inhaled fluid and couldn't breathe properly.

Aria's survival depended on a device called an HFOV ventilator located hundreds of kilometres away in Brisbane. Attempting the journey by road was out of the question, leaving the RFDS as Aria's best hope. So a Flying Doctor aircraft was to transformed into a flying Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, equipped with vital medical supplies and the specialist care Aria required to stay alive.

Thanks to our Wings members, the aeromedical team were able to bring the care Aria needed right to her bedside. And as a result, Aria survived the journey to the HFOV ventilator and a few days later mum Jessica finally got the cuddle she feared she might never get.

Our Wings members make happy moments like this possible every day. Join online today, and be part of the story.

Alternatively, download and complete this form, and return it to: Reply paid 64275, 12 Casuarina Street, Brisbane Airport, QLD 4008.

Or, please call (07) 3860 1100 for over-the-phone donations.

Your monthly donation will be deducted on the 1st of each month (or next business day). We will send you a tax deductible receipt at the end of the financial year.