Graphic: Red and blue balloons with the RFDS logo. A girls back is visible. She is wearing a blue tshirt with a RFDS logo.

City-Bay Fun Run


21 Oct - 30 Nov 2020


Adelaide (virtual)


Westpac / Sunday Mail
A group of people wearing running clothes smiling. They all have race numbers pinned to their chests and their are RFDS balloons.

Join Team RFDS

Join Team RFDS for the virtual 2020 City-Bay Fun Run and help keep your Flying Doctor flying! 

The more people involved, the greater our impact.

Please spread the word and ask your friends, family and colleagues to join Team RFDS to help us reach our target of $5,000!

To join our team, it's very important you follow this two-step process:


First, register to participate in the Westpac City-Bay Fun Run by clicking here.

You'll be asked to "Log In” to your account or "Register Now". Follow the steps to register, selecting “Solo Registration” for just yourself, or “Friends/Family Registration” if you are registering on behalf of yourself as well as others.

After entering your personal details and selecting your run type and distance, you will be given the option to “Join a Team to support them” and at this point you will have the chance to select Team RFDS in the drop down menu.


Now that you are officially registered for the City-Bay, help fundraise for us by joining "Team RFDS" and get your fundraising kick started.

Join our fundraising team by clicking here.

Select the red "Start Fundraising" button.

Follow the prompts to set-up your fundraising profile and then you're ready to start fundraising!


If you have any questions please contact Community Fundraising Specialist, Kristen Newlyn, on 08 8238 3340 or