Specialised Training in Aeromedical Retrieval (STAR)

The RFDS (Queensland Section) transports more than 11,000 patients per year — that's more than 30 people every day — which means that our teams have an enormous wealth of experience in all aspects of aeromedical retrieval. The vast landscape of Queensland and area covered means that much of our work is conducted in remote areas with long transport times to definitive care.

The retrieval and transport of critically ill patients remains one of the most challenging aspects of modern medicine. There is a requirement for practitioners to possess a broad range of critical care skills and be able to apply them in a highly restrictive and unpredictable environment.

The RFDS (Queensland Section) has combined all of this expertise into creating the RFDS STAR Program — Specialised Training in Aeromedical Retrieval. The program's focus is to improve the delivery of clinical care in aeromedical retrieval. The program provides training and education in all aspects of this challenging discipline.


Key Components of the RFDS STAR Program

The Essential Aspects of Aeromedical Retrieval course is a highly immersive course available to those with an interest in retrieval medicine. This course is a unique postgraduate medical training experience that captures all elements of current emergency medicine and trauma courses while focusing the participant on aspects of prehospital, aeromedical and retrieval medicine.

This course is for doctors (minimum level PGY2), registered nurses or paramedics either currently working within the aeromedical environment or looking to gain insight into this specialty.

The two-day training is an immersive learning experience which will challenge participants physically and mentally. As retrieval emergencies can occur at all hours, the course program schedule similarly spans into all hours and provides realistic prehospital simulation training as well as the latest updates in prehospital emergency medicine and aeromedical intensive care.

If you are looking for a course with a point of difference and a challenge for your professional development in critical care and emergency medicine then this course is designed for you. It is tailored for the advanced graduate learner and deliberately deals with controversies and the evidence base for current and future advances in critical care in this challenging environment.

Topics covered may include:

  • Introduction to Aeromedical Retrieval Medicine
  • Transport Modality Choices
  • Introduction to Aviation Physiology
  • Aviation Physiology — Real World Cases
  • Human Factors in Aeromedical Retrieval
  • Principles of Interfacility Transportation
  • Paediatric Retrieval
  • The Bariatric Patient
  • The Disturbed Patient
  • Preparing the Critically Ill for Transport
  • Drugs and Equipment in the Aeromedical Environment

      The program is delivered in two separate components; eLearning and a face-to-face two-day workshop. Fully paid participants are provided access to an eLearning portal which delivers a mixed-mode learning experience for participants. Ranging from participant bios to case-based learning, contemporary underpinning knowledge development, and quiz assessments. The total number of eLearning hours: 10 hours plus additional journal articles.

      You will have access to eLearning that is written by an Australian faculty and serves to demonstrate our commitment to providing evidence-based but practical teaching in this exciting field of specialist medicine. 

      Participants have rated the Essential Aspects of Aeromedical Retrieval course as an enormous success:

      "A truly exceptional course. Beyond my expectations."

      "The first course I’ve done where I have wanted to hear every single thing in every single lecture!"

      "It taught me so much and has given me the opportunity to reflect on my communication and team-building skills. "

      "You created a non-threatening environment, which also challenged us and has given us a valuable opportunity to develop as clinicians."

      "Highlights of the program included case discussions, primary response scenarios and obstetrics".

      Courses are limited to 24 participants and early registration is highly recommended. Participants will be required to complete online eLearning prior to the course.

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