Respiratory infections can pose a threat to the lives of every child living in remote Queensland.


5 Nov 2018

Georgia and her family live on a remote cattle station. When the rains came last year, they churned up a deadly infection called melioidosis that can cause sudden and severe bacterial pneumonia. 

Graphic: Georgia with teddy

Georgia’s oxygen levels plummeted as she struggled to breathe. She went downhill so fast that by the time her mum took her 130km from home to the Chillagoe Primary Health Centre, she was so ill that the nurse immediately called for an aeromedical team to fly her to Townsville Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.

The aeromedical team that flew Georgia safely that day believe that Georgia may not have survived without the equipment they used to stabilise her breathing.

Life-threatening infections that seem to come from nowhere are an unavoidable fact of life. And when they happen in remote Queensland, our survival can depend on the quality of the medical equipment and care the Flying Doctor is able to rush to the scene. The Flying Doctor needs Hamilton T1 Ventilators and other advanced breathing equipment to help stabilise patients breathing in emergency situations.

Please donate today to help fund this latest equipment that critically ill patients like Georgia need to keep breathing and stay alive.

on dam
with dog
with brother and mum