And with a gust of wind they were pinned to the ground

It was the day of Thargomindah's annual Campdraft. James, Abbie and Laura Hoch were looking forward to a day of fun, when a gust of wind blew a heavy steel fence on top of them, pinning them to the ground.

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13 Aug 2018
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The Hoch family - Mum and Dad, Louise and Dan, and their four children - four-year-old James, six-year-old Abbie, 11-year-old Elle and nine-year-old Laura, manage a cattle station 60km west of Thargomindah and like so many families living in Queensland's remote Outback, they rely on the lifeline provided by the Flying Doctor to stay safe.

The family came so close to suffering unimaginable tragedy when a gust of wind blew a heavy metal fence onto James, Abbie and Laura August last year, pinning them to the ground for several agonising minutes while mum Louise struggled to free them.

Thankfully, a passing tourist heard their screams and together with Louise managed to lift the fence. And as soon as the kids were free, they rushed them to the local medical clinic where a Flying Doctor team was conducting routine appointments. 

Because their aircraft was already kitted out with life-saving consumables, the aeromedical team was able to switch into emergency mode the moment Louise arrived with her injured kids. 

The fear was that all three could have been suffering from life-threatening internal bleeding. Which is why, minutes later, Louise, her children and our aeromedical team were on board the aircraft and speeding towards Charleville Hospital, a 40 minutes flight away. 


I am sure you'll be happy to learn that after scans and 24 hours of observation, the children were well enough to return home - bruised but unbeaten by their terrifying ordeal. 

What the Hoch's went through is a true-life drama that illustrates why it's so vital that we keep our aeromedical team supplied with the consumables they need to respond to every Outback emergency.

You wouldn't believe how many bandages, cannulas, painkillers and other essential items the Flying Doctor uses each year in its effort to save lives. 

pain killers

Our aeromedical teams get through huge quantities of these life-saving consumables every year, and everything they use we have to quickly replace - or else they'd very quickly run out. And that would make it impossible for the Flying Doctor to provide the exceptional care for which it is renowned. 

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