Graphic: To give patients like baby Olivia the best chance, you need the best equipment.

Four flights before first birthday


Little Olivia needed help from the Flying Doctor four times before her first birthday. In fact, her first flight happened when she was still in mum Amy's womb.

We flew Amy from Bundaberg to Brisbane when she showed signs of going into labour just 23 weeks into her pregnancy. An Ambulance would have taken four hours to make the journey, and the lives of both mum and baby would have been at risk had Olivia been born on the road.

Thanks in no small part to donations from our wonderful supporters, the Flying Doctor had all the equipment needed to ensure their safety throughout the hour-long flight. And as a result, Amy and Olivia made it safely to Brisbane, where Olivia was delivered a week later in the best neonatal intensive care until in Queensland.

Olivia on her way back to Bundaberg

Three months on, Olivia was finally strong enough to return to Bundaberg and the Flying Doctor was called upon to safely transfer her home.

Unfortunately, Olivia needed the Flying Doctor another two times. Once when she contracted meningitis and was having difficulties with her breathing, which meant flying her back to Brisbane for further tests and care.

And there was yet another flight a few months later, when Olivia started having frequent absent seizures. Suddenly, without warning, Olivia would simply black out, her eyes would stop blinking and her breathing would become so shallow that she would start to turn blue.

It was critical Olivia could be transferred to Brisbane for further tests. A cause could not be found but luckily Olivia eventually grew out of these seizures and has become a happy, healthy six-year-old, enjoying every single second of her life.

The list of advance and costly equipment we relied on to keep Amy and Olivia safe on those four flights is longer than you can probably imagine.

Graphic: Olivia's first day at school

From infant respirators, to life-supporting neonatal cribs, to a bewildering array of advanced monitors, everything mum and baby might need was at hand and ready for immediate use.

And that's because of our determination to ensure every aircraft we fly is equipped with the best medical equipment needed to give every patient the best possible chance - no matter how little, how vulnerable or how ill they may be.

If you share our determination to provide families of Queensland with the finest care, then please help us raise $161,000 for medical equipment by donating a gift today.

We also offer our supporters the opportunity to join our special regular giving program Wings. These regular and reliable gifts play a central role in ensuring our aircraft are stocked with the essential medical equipment and supplies needed to save lives.

What links these men and women is as simple as it is life-changing. Each month, they donate a gift that they can comfortably afford from their bank accounts or debit cards to the Flying Doctor.

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