The Royal Flying Doctor Service (Queensland Section) (RFDS) Flight Nurses are supported by QSuper to continue providing vital health care to QSuper members, and all Queenslanders in regional, rural and remote communities.

RFDS and QSuper

RFDS Flight Nurses are some of the most highly qualified nurses in the world. As part of this new partnership, QSuper sponsors nominated RFDS Flight Nurses to attend the internationally recognised STAR program, which delivers all the essential aspects of aeromedical retrieval. 

RFDS & QSuper

The partnership also supports Flight Nurses to undertake on-going training, to ensure they maintain the skills required to save lives in the sky.

RFDS (Queensland Section) CEO, Meredith Staib said QSuper’s support of the ongoing training to RFDS Flight Nurses, working across nine bases from Brisbane to Cairns and west to Mount Isa, would enable the RFDS to continue to deliver its vital services to those who need it most.  

“QSuper’s investment in our Flight Nurse training and their continued professional development is paramount to the continued success of our organisation,” Ms Staib said. 

"The partnership with QSuper presents an opportunity to support the ongoing training of our Flight Nurses, which is sometimes difficult to achieve in rural locations.”

Ms Staib noted in a 12-month period, RFDS Flight Nurses deliver care to patients on more than 11,000 aeromedical retrieval missions. 75% of these taskings are “Nurse only” flights, where they must be prepared to handle any eventuality that may occur at 15,000 ft.

“You will find a Flight Nurse on every flight. Our Nurses are the best of the best and are elite specialists in their field. If you’re in trouble, you want to know that the most highly-skilled medical professionals are coming to help you,” Ms Staib said.

“The STAR program is a highly immersive course and totally different postgraduate medical training. It captures all the elements of current emergency medicine and trauma courses while focusing on the unique aspects of prehospital, aeromedical and retrieval medicine.”

“In the spirit of our Founder, the Reverend John Flynn, we aim to provide the finest care to the furthest corner of Queensland. RFDS is delighted that QSuper and their members will help deliver on this commitment through our partnership. Together, we will continue to provide a high-quality health care service, which addresses the unique needs of each rural and remote community we are privileged to serve.”

QSuper CEO, Michael Pennisi said partnering with the RFDS here in Queensland was all about creating long-term benefits for the community.

“By investing in essential training of RFDS Flight Nurses throughout our State, we are helping to ensure they can continue to provide emergency and primary health care services for our members, and all Queenslanders,” he said.

RFDS employs over 65 Flight Nurses throughout Queensland, many of whom are QSuper members. The partnership with QSuper will support RFDS Flight Nurse training, ensuring exceptional care to thousands of patients – many of whom are QSuper members too.

With the mutual goal of improving the wellbeing of people living throughout Queensland, together, we are in it for the long haul.

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RFDS and QSuper

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