Graphic: Keys to a new patient transfer vehicle are handed over to the Royal Flying Doctor Service South Eastern Section representative

Western NSW communities to benefit from expanded RFDS healthcare

Date published

13 Jul 2017

Dubbo and Western NSW residents in need of healthcare support are set to benefit thanks to the arrival of a new patient transfer vehicle.

The new Royal Flying Doctor Service South Eastern (SE) Section vehicle will be used to transport:
• Regional and remote patients to hospitals
• Patients who need to transfer between hospitals
• Patients moving from RFDS SE section aircraft to hospitals

"With this new road vehicle our team have the ability to transport more patients to and from medical facilities in a timely manner, reduce wait times and deliver critical care services to people in Dubbo and nearby communities," RFDS SE Section CEO Greg Sam said.

"It also comes equipped with an innovative battery-powered hydraulic system that can raise and lower patients with the touch of a button.

"This will ensure safety while patients and RFDS team members are going through the transfer process."

Mr Sam said the new road vehicle will operate alongside an existing patient transport vehicle.

"In addition we can use the new vehicle as a backup and support partners like the Newborn and Paediatric Emergency Transport Service (NETS) and Western NSW Local Health District (Western NSW LHD).

"The vehicle can also be used to simulate an on-the-road environment during the ongoing training our medical teams undertake."

"The Elizabeth and Barry Davies Charitable Fund and Baxter Charitable Trust gave the RFDS financial support to help them fund the new vehicle," Mr Sam said.

"We are very fortunate to benefit from such generous philanthropic support," he said.

"As a not-for-profit charity we rely on support from the community to keep delivering the finest care to the furthest corners."

The RFDS picked up the keys to the vehicle in Sydney this week and Mr Sam said it is expected to arrive in Dubbo in coming weeks.